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Humans are the most populous race in the galaxy. While appearing somewhat unremarkable compared to other races, they're well-known for being the most compatible with all other races, being incredibly adaptable, as well as having a rich history.


Humans are about as standard as they come. Two arms, two legs, and varying hues of brownish skin. While they aren't very special in terms of appearance, they're common enough that they take up a huge amount of the galaxy. Just about anywhere you go you can expect to see humans somewhere or another. Additionally, they have the highest margin of fertility when cross-breeding with other races.


Human history is as ancient as they come, however, in modern galactic history, there are several noteworthy events.

The humans of Terra III, with their advanced science and technology, made contact with the Mythics of Mythar II in roughly 380 BC. After enough time communicating, they built one of the largest spacecraft in history, the Terra-One. Featuring no Biowarp Drive and only rudimentary magical systems, the ship made an expedition to the Mythar system, taking many, many years. The ship featured a large cryo-freezing bay which allowed the humans on board to extend their lifespan significantly. They slept in long shifts, rotating every so often to ensure the ship was always managed. However, upon coming within range of Mythar II, the magical systems aboard the Terra-One overloaded, due to a drastic shift from the Terran belief standard to the Mytharian belief standard. Operating the ship at the time was Will Mathers, who worked quickly to make an emergency landing on Mythar and save as many humans as he could. Despite his best efforts, the ship lost over 90% of its crew.

The remaining humans worked together with the Mytharians, and created Mahoutechnology, Biowarp, and eventually founded the Golden Alliance. As they began to colonize the galaxy, however, they made contact with the Uruseiyan Empire, which had also figured out a technology very similar to the GA's early Biowarp engines.


Bishoura: Gorgeous humans that are so naturally attractive, things in their immediate vicinity look better just with their presence. Despite this, they can be a little gullible. Their homeworld is Bish.

Uruseiyans: Humans with slight animalistic features added to their bodies. They attempted to manipulate various planets by pretending to be their gods, until the GA put a stop to them. They hail primarily from the planet Uruseiya and the now-disbanded Uruseiyan Empire.

Nilremin: Humans that are sterile and age slowly in reverse. This can be mitigated through the use of pods that can re-age them, however, the use of these pods severely affects their memory, sometimes wiping it outright. Their home planet is Nilrem.

Chibi: Small, diminutive humans, roughly three to four feet tall and with adorable features. They live on the planet Chib, a dense jungle planet where the most terrifying predators are Wakwaks, eight-foot tall ducklings with sharp teeth.

Amazon: Tall humans ruled by a matriarchy. Their technology is somewhat primitive, but their physical abilities are highly advanced. They reside mostly on the planet Ama, which is difficult to access, as its rich atmosphere prevents space travel in and out, with a window opening very rarely.

Forman: Humans with a society so used to purchasing genetic and/or cybernetic alterations that it's commonplace. Their homeworld is Formana.

Empyrean: Humans born with the natural ability to cast a single spell and a predilection towards useful spells of a single element. Home planet unknown.

Paragon: Exceptional meta-humans with incredible powers and debilitating weaknesses. Home planet unknown.


STR +0 DEF +0 AGI +0
ACC +0 INT +0 PER +0
Level HP MP Skill Points Facet Level Stat Points Special Abilities
1 10 10 4 0 0 Blend in +1
2 20 20 8 1 0 Blend in +1, Adaptability x1
3 30 30 12 1 1 Blend in +2, Adaptability x1
4 40 40 16 2 1 Blend in +2, Adaptability x2
5 50 50 20 2 1 Blend in +3, Adaptability x2
6 60 60 24 3 2 Blend in +3, Adaptability x3
7 70 70 28 3 2 Blend in +4, Adaptability x3
8 80 80 32 4 2 Blend in +4, Adaptability x4
9 90 90 36 4 3 Blend in +5, Adaptability x4
10 100 100 40 5 3 Blend in +5, Adaptability x5

Blend in: Since there are so many humans around, and to most other races they look pretty similar, humans get a bonus to rolls not to be noticed in a crowd. This is useful, for example, when a teacher’s looking for a guinea pig.

Adaptability: Humans are experts at overcoming foreign situations with the know-how they already have. X times per day, they may substitute one skill for its paired skill when making a skill-based roll. The skill pairs are: Gym and Martial Arts, Science and Home Ec, Art and Music, History and Language, Math and Magic.