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Mythics consist of what many consider "fantasy" or "fae" creatures. They are naturally skilled in magic with a wide variety of societies and tech levels. They seem to carry with them a sort of supernatural grace that protects them from embarrassing accidents.


Seeing as Mythic races vary wildly, each of them has highly variable physiology.


Hailing mostly from the Mythar system, the story of the Mythics is rather contained. I'm not too familiar with it, but it involves Queen Dawnmist and various other nobles and a lot of assassination attempts. Also when the mahoucite moon eclipses Mythar III a portal between the two worlds opens. They were also in contact with the humans to found the GA. Alouette saved the Queen from poison and Tulip Blossom saved the ceremonial hatching grounds of fairies. Sorry, This will be filled in later.


High Elf: Graceful and respected elves with high percentages of royal heritage and strong magical abilities.

Wood Elf: Physically fit and able elves from wooded villages, still magical but less so than high elves, with enhanced senses.

Centaur: Extremely fast, strong, and tough four-legged humanoids that are very large and can trample others.

Dwarf: Short, stout, and mechanically-inclined people with short tempers and a tendency to get drunk.

Fairy: Tiny, flying people with highly magical bodies, hatched from eggs made of mahoucite.

Dryad: Tree-women who are slow, ponderous, and incredibly wise, with the ability to provide magical life support and air conditioning.

Gorgon: Snake-haired, snake-bodied people with a petrifying stare and an appreciation for art.

Djinni: Magically powerful bottle-dwelling beings with wish-granting abilities.

Dragon: Large, strong and tough mythical creatures with an insatiable greed for wealth.

Siren: Beautiful avian women with a voice irresistible to weak-willed males.

Lamia: Gorgeous prophetess snake-women with intense motherly instincts.

Merfolk: Calming sea-dwellers with enhanced movement abilities near water.


STR -2 DEF -2 AGI +1
ACC +0 INT +1 PER +2
Level HP MP Skill Points Facet Level Stat Points Special Abilities
1 5 12 3 1 1 Natural Grace x1
2 10 24 6 1 1 Natural Grace x1, Enhanced Senses +1
3 15 36 9 2 2 Natural Grace x2, Enhanced Senses +1
4 20 48 12 2 2 Natural Grace x2, Enhanced Senses +2
5 25 60 15 3 3 Natural Grace x3, Enhanced Senses +2
6 30 72 18 4 3 Natural Grace x3, Enhanced Senses +3
7 35 84 21 4 4 Natural Grace x4, Enhanced Senses +3
8 40 96 24 5 4 Natural Grace x4, Enhanced Senses +4
9 45 108 27 5 5 Natural Grace x5, Enhanced Senses +4
10 50 120 30 6 5 Natural Grace x5, Enhanced Senses +5

Natural Grace: A Mythic may avoid embarrassment with this ability a certain number of times per day. It does not stop them from losing a roll, it just makes them lose with style. When they use this ability, they make a second roll with the same skill/stat as the first roll, and anyone watching who does not beat either roll with an Acc check believes the higher roll was the actual outcome.

Enhanced Senses: Mythics are more attuned to the environment than other races, and therefore gain a bonus to their rolls to notice any dim or small sounds, sights, tastes, or smells.