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Mythar is a significant system in the Golden Alliance, notable for being one of its founding systems along with Terra.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Mahoucite
Mage training
Magical research
Regular Anomalies Magic enhanced x1
Fairy rituals
Portals can connect II and III when planets align.
Planet Mythar II Mythar III
Diameter 8,600 mi 6,425 mi
Topography Earthean, varied Arid, jagged landscape
Climate truncated summers and winters harsher seasons
Population 12 billion Mythic
4 billion Redeemed
3 billion Human
2 billion other
10 billion Redeemed
4 billion Mythic
6 billion other
Day Length 24.5 hours 32 hours
Year Length 299 days 530 days


The humans of Terra were able to contact Mytharian High Elves with their powerful radio broadcasters, to which the High Elves replied via magical means. After jointly designing a ship which the Terrans used to reach Mythar II, the Golden Alliance was formed. The Mythar system has 2 inhabited planets, Mythar II and Mythar III. Mythar II's moon is composed primarily of Mahoucite, a material that is able to store and channel magical energy. Once every few years, the position of Mythar II, Mythar III, and Mythar II's moon are aligned in such a way that a mage of even low power can open a portal between the two planets. The Mythics and Redeemed of both planet have various claims over who is the true home species of the planet, though the only provable answer is that the Fairies are native to Mythar II, due to their unique reproductive process which involves the moon. While Mythar II and III have large cities like Terra, it also has much more open wilderness and large ancestral homes where the population density is far lower.