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True Legion, commonly simply known as Legion are a race of plant-like women. Like other Legion races, they reproduce through conversion of other sapient life.


Legion have skin of varying unsaturated green colors. Their hair typically gradients between many colors that can be bright or dull, though an instance of a baby Legion of unclear canonicity was shown with solid green hair. Legion ears are lengthy with several points along them, resembling groups of leaves. Legion clothes are usually grown from the Legion's body, and as such usually have attributes like petals, vines, and bark. Legion have a yellow bump on each shoulder, with Legion Queens sometimes having two. They are capable of extending vines from their hands to inject Legion nanites for conversion, and in some cases have weapons to do so as well. Queens are instead created via a Legion Seed cocooning and transforming an individual. Legion are all influenced to a degree by an Environmental Imperative guiding them to reduce pollution in the environment and at its sources. Legion live in a telepathic hive society, with a Queen as the mother and the rest as sisters to each other. Additionally, Legion Princesses help ease the weight of the telepathy for the queen and can carry DNA from other races.

Legion have a variety of facets unique to the race:

  • Battlers, the primary offensive facet
  • Defenders, the primary defensive facet
  • Biotechnicians, the primary mechanics and inventors
  • Pilots, their primary vehicle users
  • Duchesses, with an affinity for animals
  • Terraformers, capable of shaping the land
  • Renewers, capable of revitalizing soil and plantlife
  • Consorts, capable of assuming other peoples' forms for infiltration or entertainment
  • Trainers, who hold mastery over a single spell to teach others
  • Recruiters, the final facet created which act as ambassadors


The Legion were the accidental byproduct of the Galactic Seed Initiative by the BioGalactica Corporation. When one of their nanitic seeds was accidentally launched at a polluted-but-already-inhabited planet, it determined humans to be responsible for the pollution and bonded to one human it found worthy, named Alton. The seed's and Alton's respective ideas of beauty slowly morphed him into a stunning plantish woman who took the name "Althea." She learned how to convert others, but this had the unintended side effect of rendering them emotionless shells. After they were killed by the corrupt government, an anguished Althea allowed herself to be consume by the Environmental Imperative, stowing her own soul away in a limbo called the Vault of Souls. Following this, she aggressively converted the whole planet into her mindless drones, each soul kept in the Vault of Souls. A prize ship from the BioGalactica Corporation was automatically dispatched, thus inadvertently granting them access to BioWarp technologies.

What followed was the very lengthy Legion War. Countless planets were invaded and their populations transformed, with the Legion's opposition performing many war crimes itself, leading to several problems down the line. However, just as the Legion had almost the whole Mahou Galaxy in their grasp, they surrendered. Althea had been saved from the Vault of Souls and committed suicide, mortified over what she had done. The rest of the Legion had regained their own minds and souls, but even centuries later, hatred for them remains in many groups. Not helping are the occasional hive of rogue Legion, who continue supremacist behavior to varying levels. Legion are banned from many planets, particularly in the Golden Alliance and Angelic Protectorate, and slurs such as "firewood" abound in them. Most Legion, however, are gentle and caring, and the GA has been known to ask for Legion assistance in a few matters.

Notable canon members



STR -1 DEF -2 AGI +0
ACC +1 INT +1 PER +1

Racial Advantages: Photosynthetic, Racial Telepathy, Legion Armor

Racial Disadvantages: Reviled, Ineffective Armor (Non-Legion designs), Environmental Imperative

Restriction: Female-only

Level HP MP Skill Points Facet Level Stat Points Special Abilities
1 7 11 4 0 0 Legion Change 1, Rooting
2 14 22 8 0 0 Legion Change 1, Queen's Gift/Hive Role Models 1
3 21 33 12 0 0 Legion Change 2, Queen's Gift/Hive Role Models 1
4 28 44 16 0 0 Legion Change 2, Queen's Gift/Hive Role Models 2
5 35 55 20 0 0 Legion Change 3, Queen's Gift/Hive Role Models 2
6 42 66 24 0 0 Legion Change 3, Queen's Gift/Hive Role Models 3
7 49 77 28 0 0 Legion Change 4, Queen's Gift/Hive Role Models 3
8 56 88 32 0 0 Legion Change 4, Queen's Gift/Hive Role Models 4
9 63 99 36 0 0 Legion Change 5, Queen's Gift/Hive Role Models 4
10 70 110 40 0 0 Legion Change 5, Queen's Gift/Hive Role Models 5

Rooting: A True Legion may spend all of their remaining move actions(they must have move actions remaining) for a turn to root into the ground(or to unroot themselves). A rooted Legion cannot spend their move actions to move and may only spend 1 move action for their dodge for the round, and that dodge may never move them. A rooted character with Photosynthetic has their HP and MP regain from the Photosynthetic advantage doubled. Rooting has other benefits that are specific to various True Legion facets. Any other rooted character within 10 feet of this character while rooted is considered to be "rooted together".

Legion Change: Once per day, a True Legion can transform someone who has taken no levels in True Legion, or return someone who has levels in True Legion back to having True Legion as their currently active race. Doing so requires successfully grappling a target and keeping them grappled long enough to spend 8 hand actions. Using a hand action for anything other than the Legion transformation cancels out the transformation and uses their use or the day.

1: The target's race becomes True Legion, their gender becomes female, and their appearance becomes an exact copy of the True Legion that transformed them.

2: As before, but their appearance can, at the converting True Legion's preference, instead become a female True Legion-ish(green skin, colorful bi- or tri-color hair) version of their old self.

3: As level 2, but the converting True Legion may choose a new appearance(Eye color, hairstyle, skin tone, hair color, and so on) for the target.

4: As level 3, but the converting True Legion may change the target's outfit into a single-facet Legion Armor of their choice. This change lasts for a number of hours equal to the converting Legion's levels of Legion Change.

5: As level 4, but the converting True Legion may alter the target's disposition with a successful personality roll against the target's own personality.

6: As level 5, but the converting True Legion may choose to shift up to their Legion Change level of their target's race levels to True Legion. Doing so requires another successful personality roll against the target's own personality.

7: As level 6, but the converting True Legion may choose to move up to their Legion Change level of the target's stat points around, re-assigning them as they wish so long as none of their base stats are brought below 4. Doing so requires yet another successful personality roll against the target's own personality.

8: As level 7, but the converting True Legion may choose to change up to their Legion Change level times 100 XP worth of their target's advantages for any of the Legion-exclusive advantages.

9: As level 8, but the converting True Legion may choose to swap a single set of facet levels the target possesses that is equal to or less than the converting True Legion's Legion Change level with a True Legion facet of their choice.

10: As level 9, but the target is automatically infatuated with the True Legion that converted them for a number of hours equal to the converting True Legion's Legion Change level.

Queen's Gift: As True Legion level, they gain special abilities that relate to their position within the Hive. At every Even level, they gain a single point worth of these gifts, generally bestowed by the Legion's Queen, which they may spend on the following abilities or save up to buy more expensive abilities.

1 Point: Extra Conversions: For each point spent on this ability, a Legion may convert another person per day.

1 Point: Faster Conversions: A True Legion with this ability can convert others faster. For each point spent in this ability, 2 fewer hand actions are needed to complete the conversion, but the conversion can never be lowered beyond 2 hand actions.

1 Point: Potent Conversions: For each point spent on this ability, a Legion's Legion Change level is considered 1 point higher for the purposes of determining how powerful their changes are, but not which changes they have access to. For example, a Legion with 1 point in this ability and 6 levels of Legion Change can shift up to 7 race levels, but does not gain the Level 7 stat-shuffling ability)

1 Point: Additional Outfits: Each time this ability is bought, the Legion gains a single new Legion Armor of the facet of their choice.

2 Points: Fortified Outfit: Each time this ability is bought, a single one of the character's Legion Armors gains +1 in Superior Quality Enhancements that is separate from the normally purchased enhancements. If the same enhancement is chosen for this ability and granted by the armor itself, the highest version of that enhancement is counted.

1 Point: Princess DNA: A True Legion who takes this ability gains a sub-race of their(or their queen's) choice as though taking the advantage Inherent Bloodline.

1 Point: Exemplar: A True Legion who takes this ability's Hive Role Models ability is considered 2 points higher for the purposes of determining the maximum bonus they grant to other True Legion.

1 Point: Open-Hearted: A True Legion's Hive Role Models range is multiplied by 10 for each time they take this ability.

Hive Role Models X: When a True Legion first gains this ability, they may choose a single stat that they may represent to other Legion in their hive. When a legion with this ability is within range (by default, 1 mile) of one or more other True Legion in their hive with this ability and has been for at least 5 minutes, they gain a total of +X bonus to their stats. They may divide this bonus as they wish, but they may only place the bonus in stats that other True Legion within range have chosen as their representative stat, and may only allocate up to half the highest bonus (rounded down) for that stat possessed by all True Legion in the same hive within range. For example, A character with Hive Role Models 5 may allocate up to 5 stat points from other True Legion in their hive within range. If another True Legion in their Hive has chosen Strength as their stat and has 7 points in this ability, the character can use their presence to allocate up to 3 of their Hive Role Models points toward Strength, and would still have 2 remaining points that could be placed into other stats. A Legion character may change the assignment of these points whenever they are not in an encounter, and to do so takes 5 minutes of clear thought.