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Vampires, zombies, mummies, and other races that reproduce by transforming others into members of their own race. The most populous Legion race is one comprised entirely of terraforming plant-girls.

Legion is a base race used to refer to any species that, rather than reproducing, converts other races into more of itself. The term came to be with the rise of True Legion but has since been attributed to multiple other races.


True Legion: Beautiful plant-girl terraformers with a variety of purposes and their own specialized facets who can retract their armor.

Hiver: Members of swarms of humanoid bee-like creatures, with incredible teamwork ability and the power to assimilate others into their hive.

Vampire: Charismatic, long-lived humanoids with various mystical powers and the need to subsist off the blood of other sentient beings.

Nanoswarm: Clouds of linked nanites that quickly repair damage and work to improve themselves constantly.

Zombie: Non-mindless version of shambling undead, able to turn their victims into the mindless version. Can reattach lost limbs.

Mummmy: Wrapped ghouls with powerful mystical abilities, able to assume a mummified form as well as a more pleasant living form.


STR -2 DEF -1 AGI +0
ACC +1 INT +1 PER +1
Level HP MP Skill Points Facet Level Stat Points Special Abilities
1 7 16 1 0 1 Changing Touch, 2 Form Points
2 14 32 2 0 1 Changing Touch, 4 Form Points
3 21 48 3 0 2 Changing Touch, 6 Form Points
4 28 64 4 1 3 Changing Touch, 8 Form Points
5 35 80 5 1 3 Changing Touch, 10 Form Points
6 42 96 6 1 4 Changing Touch, 12 Form Points
7 49 112 7 1 5 Changing Touch, 14 Form Points
8 56 128 8 2 5 Changing Touch, 16 Form Points
9 63 144 9 2 6 Changing Touch, 18 Form Points
10 70 160 10 2 7 Changing Touch, 20 Form Points

Changing Touch: Once per day, a Legion may transform another person. In order to initiate this transformation, the Legion must grapple their target, then continue to grapple them for six rounds. Once the six rounds have passed, the target transforms. The transformation of the victim depends on how the Legion has spent their Form Points. Every level a Legion gets 2 Form Points, which they may save or spend on the Form Abilities listed below. The Legion must have at least one Form Ability that actually changes something in order to transform someone. The transformation is always toward the Legion’s current form, so the transformation would differ if they have been changed into something else. A Legion may choose to use some or all of their form abilities when they transform a target, but even a Changing Touch using less than all of their form abilities still uses all of their daily use. Some form abilities make the transformation faster or let the Legion use it more times per day.

Form Points: Can be spent on a variety of abilities.

1 Point-Hair: Change the target's hair color to match yours.

1 Point-Voice: Change the target's voice to sound exactly like yours.

1 Point-Eyes: Shift the target's eye color to the same shade as yours.

1 Point-Hairstyle: Magically grow and style the target's hair to resemble yours.

2 Points-Skin: Change the target's skin or fur color to match yours--this can cause them to grow or lose fur, depending on what you have.

2 Points-Clothing: Unless the target is wearing magical clothing, their clothes shift to look like whatever you're wearing.

2 Points-Build: The target's build and musculature alter so that they have the same proportions as you.

2 Points-Extra Change: You may make an extra transformation attempt per day.

2 Points-Fast Change: Instead of the usual six rounds for a transformation, it now only takes three.

4 Points-Gender: If the target is a different gender than you, they become your gender.

4 Points-Disposition: The target's disposition changes to match yours.

4 Points-Race: The target's race changes to match yours, remember to change the stat modifiers!

4 Points-Size: If the target is a different size than you, they shrink or grow to match your size.

4 Points-Faster Change: If you have already purchased the fast change, this form ability reduces the amount of time it takes to a single round.

8 Points-Allegiance Change: Once you've transformed the target, they become willing to obey you.