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Below is a list of all 12 racial groups, and each subrace within them. These racial groups also function as the base races in the MSF High RPG.


The most populous race in the galaxy, and the most compatible with all other races. Humans are smart, stalwart, and adaptable. While there may be some difference in their racial makeup, they all follow the same basic structure.

Zodiac symbol: Leo


Bishoura: A race of extremely attractive if somewhat gullible humans, with the ability to enhance the appearance of anything they hold.

Uruseiyans: Humans with slight animal features such as fangs, pointed ears, and/or tails, with advanced technology that they use to impersonate deities on other planets.

Nilremin: Humans who, through a technological accident involving genetics, are sterile and age backwards slowly.

Chibi: Diminutive humans with impossibly cute features and a near-immunity to most forms of intimidation.

Amazon: Less advanced humans with increased physical abilities run by a matriarchy.

Forman: Advanced humans for whom purchasing slight genetic alterations has become so commonplace that it's become a natural ability for them.

Empyrean: Humans born with the natural ability to cast a single spell and a predilection towards useful spells of a single element.

Paragon: Exceptional meta-humans with incredible powers and debilitating weaknesses.


Created using the DNA of the long-lost Kasumi, these animalistic people were created in a lab, for labor of any with the means to purchase them. After securing their reproductive freedom, they began a campaign to free themselves from their oppressors. Come in Domestic variety, where they appear mostly human, but with animal features such as ears and tails, and Martial variety, where they appear to be completely anthropomorphic animals.

Zodiac symbol: Aries


Domestic Neko: Cat-people with energetic personalities and youthful appearances.

Martial Neko: Catlike soldiers covered in fur, generally hot-tempered and fiercely independent.

Domestic Usagi: Adorable bunny-people with innocent personalities that are usually used as show girls.

Martial Lupina: Loyal wolf-men with enhanced strength, speed, and agility.

Domestic Bovina: Helpful cow-people with high strength and defense, but slow reactions.

Martial Harpy: Flight-capable troops with a variety of useful skills and abilities.

Domestic Wukong: Curious and agile monkey-like humanoids with prehensile tails and feet.

Martial Flederon: Nimble bat-people with ultrasonic hearing that lets them see in total darkness.

Martial Nezumi: Sly, intelligent rat-people who take comfort in small spaces.


A collection of magically-attuned races that would be considered "Fantasy" races in most literature. Elves, Fairies, and the like.

Zodiac symbol: Aquarius


High Elf: Graceful and respected elves with high percentages of royal heritage and strong magical abilities.

Wood Elf: Physically fit and able elves from wooded villages, still magical but less so than high elves, with enhanced senses.

Centaur: Extremely fast, strong, and tough four-legged humanoids that are very large and can trample others.

Dwarf: Short, stout, and mechanically-inclined people with short tempers and a tendency to get drunk.

Fairy: Tiny, flying people with highly magical bodies, hatched from eggs made of mahoucite.

Dryad: Tree-women who are slow, ponderous, and incredibly wise, with the ability to provide magical life support and air conditioning.

Gorgon: Snake-haired, snake-bodied people with a petrifying stare and an appreciation for art.

Djinni: Magically powerful bottle-dwelling beings with wish-granting abilities.

Dragon: Large, strong and tough mythical creatures with an insatiable greed for wealth.

Siren: Beautiful avian women with a voice irresistible to weak-willed males.

Lamia: Gorgeous prophetess snake-women with intense motherly instincts.

Merfolk: Calming sea-dwellers with enhanced movement abilities near water.


A collection of races that would be considered "Evil" in the same literature as Mythic. Oftentimes discriminated against by Mythics, they've cast off their previous name as "Sub-Mythic" and considered their hands washed of the pasts that gained them such a reputation, going by Redeemed nowadays.

Zodiac symbol: Scorpio


Alraune: Enticing plant-based women with deadly grapples.

Dark Elf: Elves accustomed to living in underground caverns, sly and sociable but considered sneaky and greedy.

Orc: Large, green-skinned, tusked humanoids that are usually eager to hire themselves out to anyone that needs their services.

Ogre: Huge, tremendously strong creatures with surprisingly calm and kind personalities, eager to learn and help.

Kobold: Short, doglike humanoids with strong pack tendencies and the ability to work together in groups to increase their strength.

Troll: Sometimes mistaken for Orcs, but with sharper senses and incredible hunting and tracking abilities.

Goblin: Incredibly curious, short, elf-like humanoids, adept at surprising and sneaking as well as fiddling with devices.

Naga: Usually armless yet deadly predators with the ability to constrict the life out of their prey or weaken them with venom.

Kaiju: Immensely large and varied monster with a talent for building-scale destruction and elemental breath weapons.

Gynarian: All-female tentacled alien invaders with a culture formed around Altearthean television programs.


Angels, hailing from the purity-heavy center of the galaxy. While not necessarily the angels that are worshiped in certain religions, that hasn't stopped them from taking advantage of their zealots.

Zodiac symbol: Cancer


Valkyrie: Incredibly skilled and gentle warriors with the ability to heal others and detect the potential for good in anyone.

Seraph: Huge-winged angels with booming voices and the power to command bolts of searing divine fire from the heavens.

Cherub: Tiny, adorable hovering humans with superior piloting and leadership abilities.

Archangel: Large-winged angels who are trained in the use of many weapons and armors.

Dominion: Three-eyed angels with detailed knowledge of building and repairing and attachments to particular devices.

Throne: Scheming angels with the appearance of goodness, able to convince others to do their bidding for them.

Principality: Artisan angels whose notoriety for fine details is unmatched, and whose armor and weapons are superb.

Virtue: Divine with a righteous aura that emboldens them, so long as they continue to tell the truth.

Power: Thin, graceful divine with retractable wings allowing them to walk undetected among humans.

Angel: Common divine with the ability to recharge their holy light by doing good deeds.


Demons, Devils, and the like. Originally, they were angels that had been cast out of the AP for their "corruption", but generations later, their biology has changed completely.

Zodiac symbol: Libra


Demon: Standard devilings with extended teleportation abilities that lets them move longer and longer distances.

Devil: Deal-making devilings with horns, wings, and tails.

Fiend: Giant, frightening devilings with incredible strength and wondrous powers of intimidation.

Succubus: Sexy female devilings with pheromonal powers and the ability to drain others of their mental energy.

Gargoyle: Slow but tough and intelligent former politicians with the ability to turn their bodies to stone.

Gremlin: Mechanically-apt devilings with the ability to repair machines or sabotage them in subtle but harmful ways.

Imp: Cronyish miniature devilings with a penchant for giving others terrible ideas.

Balrog: Fickle yet stubborn devilings that outwardly embody their own emotional state.

Archdemon: Bulky devilings with the ability to teleport others to and from them without teleporting themselves.

Volk: The male counterpart of Valkyries, terrifying stormy Devilings with the ability to steal talent from others.


Robots, Golems, anything that is animate, but normally would not be. Generally very resilient towards physical and magical means of attack.

Subraces: Virgo

Android: Robotic humanoids that have had a sentience "virus" uploaded to them, able to absorb magical power.

Golem: Huge, hulking and humanoid shapes of elements that have gathered into a living being.

Plushie: Adorable stuffed beings brought to life through intense care, with abilities based on their plush appearance.

Puppet: A special kind of android with multiple bodies, whose consciousness wirelessly jumps from one to the next as their bodies are damaged.

Knightmor: Enchanted full-plate with a hollow body that can act on its own or be worn by someone else.

Slime: Gel-like forms with humanoid consciousnesses that can push their bodies through nearly anything.

Zettanian: Sentient equations given life, with incredible calculating abilities that run the risk of overheating them.

Animatron: Stage performers who share empathetic bonds with their chosen targets.


In addition to the plantlike True Legion, the racial category of Legion contains any race whose primary method of reproduction is converting other races.

Zodiac symbol: Sagittarius


True Legion: Beautiful plant-girl terraformers with a variety of purposes and their own specialized facets who can retract their armor.

Zombie: Non-mindless version of shambling undead, able to turn their victims into the mindless version. Can reattach lost limbs.

Mummy: Wrapped ghouls with powerful mystical abilities, able to assume a mummified form as well as a more pleasant living form.

Vampire: Charismatic, long-lived humanoids with various mystical powers and the need to subsist off the blood of other sentient beings.

Nanoswarm: Clouds of linked nanites that quickly repair damage and work to improve themselves constantly.

Hiver: Members of swarms of humanoid bee-like creatures, with incredible teamwork ability and the power to assimilate others into their hive.


Beings of intense magical, emotional, or conceptual energy that manifest on planets with incredible presences of that element. Considered gods by many who reside on those planets. They often have control over their particular element and can create more of it on the fly.

Zodiac symbol: Capricorn


Harmony: Elementals specializing in making others happy and helping them work together.

Strength: Powerful elementals specialized in physical strength and doing pure damage.

Curiosity: Intelligent elementals that inspire curiosity and are the equivalent of intellectual muses.

Care: Elementals charged with protecting others and seeing to the interests of all around them, capable of great compassion.

Precision: Elementals obsessed with the intricate workings of devices and focused on an incredibly high accuracy stat.

Flexibility: Adaptive elementals who are quick-witted and able to make the best of nearly any situation.

Chaos: Magic-specializing elementals with the ability to tone down their own haphazard casting or inflict it on others.


The long-past souls of the dead, given life oncemore. Spirits came back through giant portals in the galaxy in the year 2000, at first intangible, but becoming more corporeal after a galactic shift in the year 2012.

Zodiac symbol: Pisces


Wraith: Combative spirits with strengths and scars both originating from the wounds that originally killed them.

Phantom: Ancient spirits from eras long past, able to recall events with amazing clarity.

Poultergeist: Telekinetic spirits who can move objects related to their primary motivations in life.

Ghost: Standard spirits with enhanced intangibility abilities, created through unlikely death circumstances.

Banshee: Spirits with incredible sonic abilities that can stun, damage, or even hypnotize their enemies.

Shade: Sneaky spirits with the ability to possess objects and retain some of their abilities for a short time after.


While it's known that some possess a gene that can make learning spells easier, there has always been a mutation of that gene. For the longest time, it seemed like the mutation had no positive values whatsoever, but when the Great Shift occurred, those possessing the altered mahou gene began to uncontrollably change race wildly. Sometimes once a month, sometimes several times a day. Several varieties of shapeshifter exist, but they all generally follow the same rules.

Zodiac symbol: Gemini


Kitsune: Mythical foxes with multiple tails, each of which represents a unique power.

Werewolf: Shifters with incredible strength and savage claws, unable to choose when they transform.

Doppelganger: Shapeshifters that can imitate specific people with incredible accuracy.

Morph: Shape-shifters able to take liquid form and reshape their bodies as needed.

Chameleo: Shape-shifters that can alter their colors to such a high degree that they are rendered near-invisible.

Transmog: Shape-shifters that can alter their clothing to change their function, and are skilled armor craftspeople.

Armshifter: Humanoids that can transform themselves into weapons that become increasingly powerful.

Mask-Bearer: Enigmatic faceless beings who change their appearance and personality with masks they have crafted.


Three-eyed beings who watch over the galaxy. The most secretive and unknown racial group. The only ones you'll see are rogue ones, who escaped their totalitarian stations. Their third eye is most commonly on their forehead, but each subrace has it somewhere else on the body, significantly changing their resulting powers.

Zodiac symbol: Taurus


True Watcher: Observant humanoids with a third eye on their forehead, escaped from a totalitarian society.

Clairvoyant: Near indistinguishable from normal but bald humans, with an invisible third eye that sees likely probabilities from the near future.

Pyrotic: Paranoid watchers with their third eye on the back of their head, able to create fire from thin air.

Telepath: Watchers with a third eye on their head, able to read the thoughts and emotions of others nearby.

Telekinetic: Watchers with their third eye on one hand, able to remotely manipulate objects they've touched.

Farseer: Watchers with a huge eye in their upper chest, which must remain exposed but provides incredible long-distance sight.

Grey: Monochromatic humanoids with a forehead-mounted third eye that blanks out others' memories.