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Zettan is a Castaways Treaty System.


Faction Castaways Treaty Systems
Primary Industries Android body manufacturing
Regular Anomalies Magic Suppressed x2
Planet(moon) Zettan V(a)
Diameter 1,850 mi.
Topography Rocky, barren
Rich mineral deposits
Climate Zero atmosphere
Population 2 Million Mecha
0.5 Million other
Day Length 11 Hours
Year Length 677 Days


Zettan is a planet previously owned by a terraforming corporation but abandoned during the Legion war when both terraforming and nanites went out of fashion. Centuries later, sentient AI netcore dwellers collaborated with Redeemed in the CTS to take a nanite manufacturing facility, restore it, and use it to produce physical bodies for the newly-christened Zettanian people. Few choose to stay on Zettan, but most who do assist in the production of additional Zettanian bodies, each crafted for a single specific Zettanian AI. The rest of the star system is largely uninhabitable worlds that are incredibly rich in mineral resources, perfect for collecting materials to create more Zettanians.