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Uruseiya is a system in the Golden Alliance.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Mahoutech
Slavery (former)
Regular Anomalies None
Planet(moon) Uruseiya I Uruseiya II Uruseiya III(a)
Diameter 9,500 mi 8,200 mi 4,425 mi
Topography Standard Standard Desert with large poles
Climate Standard Standard Arid
Population 5 Billion Human 7 Billion Human
1 Billion other
2 Billion Human
4 Billion other
Day Length 20 Hours 23 Hours 59 Hours
Year Length 222 Days 321 Days 492 Days


The original home planets of the Uruseiyans, who controlled a number of planets in what would soon become Golden Alliance space. Their planets are notable in that their neighbors should have been considered Watcher Protected, yet the Watchers did nothing as the Uruseiyans used their advanced spaceflight and magically-empowered technology to enslave or mess around with the other planets in their reach. I is the original home of the Uruseiyans, and one must be born there to be considered of Uruseiyan "Royal Blood." II is their first target, a planet of originally unaware Humans that treated the Uruseiyan Humans like gods due to their advanced technology. III(a) is a gas giant's moon, used by the Uruseiyans as collection of their best worshipers and slaves, sold to the inhabitants of nearby planets as a sort of heaven for the most devout.