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Terra is a significant system in the Golden Alliance, notable for being one of its founding systems along with Mythar.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Seat of GA power
Primary ship design
Scientific research
Regular Anomalies None
Planet Terra III
Diameter 7,950 mi
Topography Earthean, varied
Climate standard 4 seasons
Population 20 billion human
10 billion other (primarily mythic and demi-human)
Day Length 24 Hours
Year Length 350 Days


The home of the first humans to colonize the galaxy, the Terra system has a single habitable world, referred to as Terra III, and a number of gas giant and smaller planets, much like the average Altearth's solar system but with an asteroid belt closer to the sun than Terra. It has a full complement of climates and many different natural creatures that are very similar to Earthean animals. Their day and year length were used as the galactic average until more accurate and common Watcher-provided measurements were established. Nowadays the Terran system is home to the Golden Alliance's High Council, the seat of power for the Golden Alliance. While the politicians of the High Council and their support staffs of many thousands tend to live in stations orbiting Terra III, the planet below is host to continent-spanning megacities built around huge research corporations or colleges.