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See Legion Renewer for relevant lore.

Legion Renewers are fountains of life energy. They harness their nanites to fill the ground with the energy of their potent supportive magic, allowing any rooting sister to gain its benefits. The training of a Renewer requires deep meditation on the flow and growth of life energy.

Specialty History
Subjects Magic, Language
Faction Legion
Level HP MP Special Abilities
1 0 20 Communal Magic 15MP (Renewal), Healthcharge Mana Crystal 2
2 0 40 Communal Magic 30MP (Renewal), Extended Root Network 20', Spiritual Clarity +1
3 0 60 Communal Magic 45MP (Renewal), Root Regeneration 1
4 0 80 Communal Magic 60MP (Renewal), Healthcharge Mana Crystal 3, Spiritual Clarity +2
5 0 100 Communal Magic 75MP (Renewal), Extended Root Network 30'
6 0 120 Communal Magic 90MP (Renewal), Root Regeneration 2, Spiritual Clarity +3
7 0 140 Communal Magic 105MP (Renewal), Healthcharge Mana Crystal 4
8 0 160 Communal Magic 120MP (Renewal), Extended Root Network 40', Spiritual Clarity +4
9 0 180 Communal Magic 135MP (Renewal), Root Regeneration 3
10 0 200 Communal Magic 150MP (Renewal), Healthcharge Mana Crystal 5, Spiritual Clarity +5

Special Abilities:

Healthcharge Mana Crystal X: Renewers may imbue mana crystals with a portion of their healing ability, allowing Legion equipping them to passively regenerate HP. These mana crystals have no drain, instead restoring X HP per hour to its owner.

Extended Root Network X': A Renewer's roots extend faster and farther than the standard Legion 10 feet, instead reaching out to a radius of X feet from the Renewer. In addition, any other rooted Legion characters within a rooted Renewer's Extended Root Network radius are also considered to be rooted with each other.

Root Regeneration X: Whenever the Renewer is rooted, the Renewer and all other characters who are rooted with that Renewer gain X HP at the beginning of the Renewer's first turn of each round. This ability also cleans the ground covered by their rooting range, including the area of the Extended Root Network, of any toxins, as well as cleaning the air or water above that ground, reducing the toxicity level by one stage every hour.

Communal Magic XMP (Renewal): A Legion Renewer can cast spells memorized by a telepathically linked Trainer through Communal Memory. A Renewer may also cast a linked Trainer's Signature Spell and spontaneously boost it up to their Communal Magic casting limit. If a Renewer wants to cast a spell that a Trainer has not memorized, they may attempt to cast it as an improvised spell, which cannot have any boosts applied to it, has its difficulty increased by 5, and must be cast with the Intelligence stat.

Restrictions: Renewers may not summon.

Casting Cost: None. Renewers do not pay material costs for the spells they cast.

Alterations: The range of Renewer spells is changed to touch. However, any characters who are rooted with the Renewer within their rooting range are considered to be within touch range. The Renewer may also target as many characters connected in her Extended Root Network by a Renewer spell as desired, even if that would exceed the spell's target limit. Renewer spells that deal positive damage are altered to deal no damage, even if the target has a weakness to the spell's element(s), and Renewer spells have no deleterious effects.

Casting Actions/Stat/Skill: Renewer spells require two hand actions to cast, or alternatively a speak action and a hand action if the Renewer is rooted. Renewers use their History skill with Personality stat or their Intelligence stat to make their spellcasting rolls. If using the Intelligence stat, the roll is made with a -1 skill penalty.

Learning Spells: Renewers do not learn spells. Renewers telepathically access spellcasting knowledge from Legion Trainers through their Communal Memory and Signature Spell abilities.

Spiritual Clarity +X: Renewers are stalwart against mental magic attacks. They gain a +X bonus to Personality oppose rolls and MP soak rolls.