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Purraxia is a Castaways Treaty System. It is notable as being the capital of the CTS and alleged capital of Ancient Nekopotamia.


Faction Castaways Treaty Systems
Primary Industries Mahoutech
Ship manufacturing
Regular Anomalies Mind/Body Magic Enhanced x1
Planet(moon) Purraxia V
Diameter 10,325 mi
Topography Standard
Climate Standard
Population 15 Billion Demi-Human
10 Billion Redeemed
8 Billion Mecha
17 Billion Other
Day Length 47 Hours
Year Length 520 Days


Formerly named Ilithar when it was discovered by the Golden Alliance, Purraxia was found to house the most extensive sets of ruins dating back to Nekopotamian civilization, a space-faring culture that spanned a number of systems in what is now primarily Golden Alliance and Castaways Treaty Systems space. More importantly, it was on this planet that a technologically advanced urn containing stasis-frozen cells of the Nekopotamian ruler, Princess Kasumi, was found, and from the study of these cells hundreds of years later, a large number of Demi-Humans were genetically spliced. After the freed Demi-Human population learned of the origin of their species, the Castaways Treaty Systems agreed that Purraxia would become the new capital planet of the Castaways Treaty Systems. Similar in structure to the GA High Command but with a single leader per cultural group, their Alpha Command tends to feature younger politicians that are regularly swapped out for newer members thanks to the CTS's historical distrust of elders.