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Nilan is a system in the Golden Alliance. It is notable for containing characters based on Egyptian mythology.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Silicon, glass, art, music, science
Regular Anomalies Magic Enhanced x1
Large chance of dead heroes or villains returning in spiritual or legion form.
Planet Nilan I
Diameter 5,825 mi
Topography Huge deserts with the occasional oasis or river upon which cities are built.
Polar areas completely dry and uninhabitable.
Climate Strong wind in thin currents that shift up and down in accordance with the "seasons".
Population 4 Billion Humans
3 Billion Mythics
2 Billion other(primarily legion and spirit).
Day Length 37 Hours
Year Length 352 Days


One of many planets where their formerly-legendary deities all sprang into existence. With the help of these Elementals, the Nila people were able to drive back the Legion invaders, but at a heavy cost in life. After the victory, the Elemental deities instructed the people to revere the fallen heroes through numerous magical rituals. Many hundreds of years later, in very recent times, those heroes have begun to rise in various forms to finally help lead the Nilan to an age of peace and prosperity, but many are beginning to wonder if their return is harbinger to an even more potentially deadly event. Many of the Nilan Mythics' DNA has been sampled and used to assist in the creation of various climate-resistant demi-human species.

Notable Inhabitants