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Mechanis is a Castaways Treaty System.


Faction Castaways Treaty Systems
Primary Industries Metals
Repair parts
Regular Anomalies Enhanced Light and Sound
Diminished Body and Mind
Planet(moon) Mechanis I
Diameter 8850 mi
Topography Relatively flat with many craters
Climate Low weather activity
Population 3 billion Mecha
1 billion other, mostly Humans and Dark Elves
Day Length 20 Hours
Year Length 388 Days


Mecha-dominated planet that is the source of a large percentage of replacement and enhancement parts for various models of Mecha. The Moons of Mechanis I, as well as the gas giant Mechanis III though not habitable, are host to various resources needed for the factories on the planet, and all of them are designed with catapult launcher systems that fire crates of raw materials directly at Mechanis I. Mechanis I's factories are similarly equipped with gravitational control systems that intercept these drops, and can also prevent damage from the increased asteroid hits from the belt between Mechanis I and II. Cities on this planet are laid out in perfect hexagon shapes, with little interruption of their constant work.