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Latara is a system in the Golden Alliance. It is notable for containing characters based on Greek mythology.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Art, music, literature
Regular Anomalies Elemental ascension is impossible
Elementals grant special powers over the land
Planet Latara IV
Diameter 8,050 mi
Topography Great sea, many archipelagos
Climate Mostly sub-tropical
Population 3 billion Mythics
1 billion redeemed
0.5 billion other(primarily humans)
Day Length 30 hours
Year Length 221.5 days


Latara is home to many Mythic subraces, such as Gorgons, Sirens, and Nymphs, and was also one of the first planets on which Elementals began to arise en masse. Unfortunately, the planet's conceptual elementals were unable to get along with the planet's physical elementals, and the war between them dealt serious damage to the planet and its ecosystem. With few natural resources remaining, Latara was forced to become a cultural base in the Golden Alliance, where many works of media and art are produced and distributed to the rest of the galaxy. Convoys of resources accompany netcore ships to Latara and help to replenish their stocks and slowly rebuild their decaying ancient infrastructure. The remaining elementals, the concept elementals of the area, have given up their claims as owners of the planet and now work to try and help restore it.

Notable Inhabitants