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Formana is a system in the Golden Alliance.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Custom physical transmogrifications
Retroviral gene therapy
Regular Anomalies Body Magic enhanced x2
Planet Formana IV
Diameter 7,800 mi
Topography Heavily terraformed
Sheer mountain ranges
Climate Severe storm patterns
Dangerous seas
Population 3 Billion Humans
0.5 Billion Other
Day Length 22 Hours
Year Length 388 Days


Formana is a planet driven by innovation. When a meteor impact altered their weather to the point of deadliness, the Formans living there quickly taught themselves to terraform and carved out homes in the valleys of their mountain ranges. When microbes from the meteor led to a deadly illness, they altered their immune systems to grant themeselves immunity to nearly all microbe-borne diseases. When the Golden Alliance asked them to join their federation of planets, they found a new niche market in helping others the same way they helped themselves, and in the process have learned so much about how to manipulate human DNA that they have essentially become a seperate sub-species of Human that can alter their bodies with pure willpower, thanks to the technological leaps they have made. Forman scientists could also be found in most of the research teams that eventually created the Demi-humans.