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Floras is a system in the Golden Alliance.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Medicinal agriculture
Construction materials
Regular Anomalies Fire, Water, Air, Earth enhanced x1
All other elements suppressed x1
Planet(moon) Floras VII(a)
Diameter 9,200 mi
Topography Miniscule tropical and polar zones
Huge landmasses
Heavy forestation
Climate Standard, mostly temperate
Population 4 Billion assorted
Day Length 34 Hours
Year Length 394 Days


Floras is known to be one of the most diverse planets in the Golden Alliance, not only in terms of sentient populations, but also when it comes to plantlife. Plants from numerous planets have been brought to Floras and shown to flourish in Floras's nutrient-rich soil. One of the best self-sustaining economies in the galaxy, Floras is often a target destination for any who want to make their own way in the galaxy to start a family, regardless of the racial differences that may be present. Floras is shown to have one of the highest populations of mixed-race offspring in the galaxy. Cities on Floras are generally small and consisting of tightly-knit communities that tend to be open and friendly to outsiders.