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Felicus is a Castaways Treaty System.


Faction Castaways Treaty Systems
Primary Industries Natural resources
Gas harvesting
Scientific research
Regular Anomalies None
Planet(moon) Felicus I
Diameter Varies, between 3000 mi and 5525 mi.
Topography Varies
I(b): Mountainous
I(c): Swampy
I(d): Heavily forested
I(e): Urban
I(g): Flat and grassy
Climate Varies
I(a): Hot and Dry
I(b): Arid
I(c): Wet
I(f): Tropical
I(h): Rainy and Foggy
I(i): Arctic
Population 30 Billion Demi-Humans
6 Billion Other total
Day Length Varies, between 18 hours and 29 hours
Year Length 942 Days


The gas giant of Felicus was previously an unexceptional planet within the Castaways Treaty Systems, but when the Golden Alliance High Council finally ruled the ownership of Demi-Humans to be a form of slavery, it became a site of great interest. With help from Legion volunteers, the barren moons were all rapidly terraformed into worlds with a variety of climates that would be comfortable for the Nekos, the largest population of Demi-humans in the galaxy. New homes were offered to the Nekos, and within a decade great cities had been constructed on each moon. The architecture on each world was carefully designed to mimic reconstructions of old Nekopotamian ruins, and each moon is ruled by a council of those voted to be closest in spirit to the Nekopotamian ruler, Kasumi. The first and most unchangeable law on each moon is that in the event of Kasumi's cloned body being recovered and revived, she will be granted leadership of all nine planets as part of the restoration of the Great Nekopotamian Empire. Many other CTS governing bodies find this a trifle concerning, but have tentatively agreed to cede control over many majority-demi-human systems like Felicus to this prospective empire in the event that it actually forms. Still others believe that Kasumi would not wish such a thing unless the CTS itself had become corrupt and have thus preemptively petitioned to join the theoretical galactic power.