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Equa is a Castaways Treaty System.


Faction Castaways Treaty Systems
Primary Industries Import
Cultural development
Regular Anomalies Enhanced magic casting
Planet(moon) Equa IV
Diameter 6300 mi
Topography Gentle hills
Climate Temperate
Population 3 Billion Demi-Human
1 Billion Other
Day Length 22.5 Hours
Year Length 381 Days


This planet was formerly called Pastorus, and was one of the Elemental League's affiliated planets for breeding Equine Demi-Humans. Using a complicated set of shamanistic religions that were in fact controlled by employees of the Pastoran Enterprise Corporation, they trained and selected the most loyal and hardworking of the planet's tribes to serve a "greater purpose" of being sold, until one of their subjects uncovered the network of researchers and behaviorologists that controlled their society from underground bunkers. The planet's Demi-Human population has since expelled its corporate overlords and now remains fairly insular, though any who bring back one of their "lost children" is welcome here.