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Chib is a system in the Golden Alliance.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Fine manufacturing
Exotic animal breeding
Exotic agriculture
Nature tourism
Regular Anomalies None
Planet Chib II
Diameter 6,100 mi
Topography Unusually large flora canopy
Climate Tropical
Population 3 Billion Humans
0.5 Billion Other
Day Length 12 Hours
Year Length 182.5 Days


A planet inhabited by diminutive Humans called Chibis, who once lived in fear of unspeakably adorable yet incredibly dangerous creatures, including the dreaded Wakwak. Now a part of the Golden Alliance, they are notable in their inversion of the standard perceptions of "cute" and "scary", which extends to the geography and flora of their planet, Chib. This is likely due to the planet's evolutionary divergence whereupon predators communicate through ultrasonics rather than subsonics. Many residents of Chib seem to possess an inferiority complex and try to make up for it by gaining reputations as mighty hunters, both on their own planet and in the outside galaxy. During the Deviling incursion, there were a disproportionately high number of Chibi bounty hunters looking to make a name for themselves.