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Alphus is a Castaways Treaty System.


Faction Castaways Treaty Systems
Primary Industries Commando training
Small arms manufacturing
Regular Anomalies None
Planet(moon) Alphus IV
Diameter 9200 mi
Topography Rough, jagged
Climate Polar and equatorial extremes
Population 8 Billion Demi-Human
6 Billion Redeemed
2 Billion Mecha
5 Billion Other
Day Length 24.5 Hours
Year Length 518 Days


Alphus is home to the CTS Commando Academy, where hopeful recruits are sent from across CTS space to train for various skilled positions with the military. The vast majority, approximately 98%, of reclaimer teams spend at least some of their time training on this planet. The academy itself is a series of large cities that dot the jagged northern coast of Alphus's largest continent, with each one training cadets for different roles such as mech pilot, mahoutech dragoon, or generalized commando mage. It is exceedingly rare that someone born on Alphus is admitted into the academy, as a means of preventing nepotism from ruining the programs. Alphus's other cities all have areas set aside to serve as mock battlefields for those in training, with many of those in harsher climates staying where they are simply to keep these training facilities in good condition.