Proxima Z

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Proxima Z is a system in the Golden Alliance.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Medicine
Regular Anomalies None
Planet(moon) Proxima Z I
Diameter 6,850 mi
Topography Low elevation
Oceans contain compounds useful for medicine.
Climate High precipitation
Population 2 Billion Divine
1.5 Billion Human
1.5 Billion Mythic
1 Billion Redeemed
1 Billion Demi-Human
4 Billion Other
Day Length 25 Hours
Year Length 360 Days


Proxima Z was discovered to be one of the most sterile planets in the galaxy and thus was chosen to be one of the first "hospital planets". Nearly one quarter of the planet's population is directly employed by one of the many Golden Alliance medical organizations, with another half of the population supporting it in some way. The remaining population varies wildly as it largely consists of patients or test subjects for the many pieces of ongoing medical research. While all planets in the Golden Alliance recieve regular shipments from other factions, Proxima Z gets an overwhelmingly large amount of import from the Elemental League.