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Enlernal is a Castaways Treaty System.


Faction Castaways Treaty Systems
Primary Industries Scientific research
Ship development
Regular Anomalies None
Planet(moon) Enlernal VI
Diameter 9,100 mi
Topography Large, rugged mountain ranges
Low tectonic activity
Climate Dry Standard
Population 12 Billion Redeemed
8 Billion Demi-Human
2 Billion Deviling
9 Billion Other
Day Length 26 Hours
Year Length 408 Days


The former capital planet of the Castaways Treaty Systems, the primary families of the Mytharian Dark Elves continue to live here. The Grand Matrons of the Dark Elves are considered financial leaders and help to coordinate shipping routes for the rest of the faction, but have little actual political sway. Enlernal is also one of the main systems from which reclaimer fleets are launched, though it is nebulous whether or not all of their missions have been approved by the CTS Alpha Command on Purraxia. Oftentimes, reclaimed items are taken directly to Enlernal, where orders are passed from Alpha Command to distribute them, usually to communities on other planets, based on a complicated algorithm that takes into account familial relationships to the items' original owners as well as spacial distributions between recovered artifacts based on their value. Until this is determined, multiple storage facilities on Enlernal exist to keep them safe and maintained, as well as restore any of a number of kinds of damage to them.