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Cannil is a Castaways Treaty System.


Faction Castaways Treaty Systems
Primary Industries Mineral resources
Survival technology and training
Regular Anomalies None
Planet(moon) Cannil III
Diameter 6,825 mi
Topography High geothermal activity
Climate Harsh winters
Population 10 Billion Demi-Humans
2 Billion Mythics
3 Billion Other
Day Length 39.5 hours
Year Length 425 Days


Low-temperature home of the largest concentration of canid Demi-Humans. Planet has incredibly bad luck when it comes to natural disasters. Nearby Legion worlds have offered to help as needed, but they prefer to rebuild themselves whenever possible. This planet has a very low amount of pollution despite a high industrial development rate due to the excess of geothermal power available. While the planet's population is primarily Martial Lupina, those willing to prove themselves as tough choose Cannil as a place to train in the harsh wilderness, with survival in the southern frozen forests a popular means of doing so. The primary spaceport of Cannil is home to a huge storage facility, and traders regularly make visits to the planets in order to make bids on storage units that have gone unclaimed for over a year by foolhardy adventurers.