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Urbia is a system in the Golden Alliance.


Faction Golden Alliance
Regular Anomalies None
Planet Urbia II Urbia IV
Diameter 5,800 mi 9,450 mi
Topography Angular terraform
Urban Sprawl
Climate No data Stagnant
Population 13 Billion Human
9 Billion Mythic
8 Billion other
2 Billion Human
1.5 Billion Mythic
1 Billion Demi-Human<bbr/>0.5 Billion other
Day Length 24 hours 29 hours
Year Length 284 days 437 days
Primary Industries Higher education


During the Legion war, while many of the soldiers fighting were of Redeemed stock, Human and Mythic recruits were still in high desire as they were considered more skilled. To help draw in additional fighters, one "recruitment package" that someone could sign for entailed the granting of a home on either Urbia II or IV upon completion of their tour of duty. Urbia II hosts the most takers of this deal, with billions of prefabricated apartment-style homes clustered into the huge coastal cities. Urbia IV is home to the descendants of Golden Alliance officers who served during the war, with a more easygoing, spaced-out set of homes.