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Facet Specialty: Magic

Faction: Golden Alliance

Specialty Magic
Subjects Art, Science, Math, History, Gym
Level HP MP Special Abilities
1 6 14 Biomage Channeling 1/10, Magic Resist 1
2 12 28 Biomage Channeling 2/20, Overchannel +1
3 18 42 Biomage Channeling 3/30, BioWarp Punch 1
4 24 56 Biomage Channeling 4/40, Magic Resist 2
5 30 70 Biomage Channeling 5/50, Overchannel +2, +1 Vehicle Fire Action
6 36 84 Biomage Channeling 6/60, BioWarp Punch 2
7 42 98 Biomage Channeling 7/70, Magic Resist 3
8 48 112 Biomage Channeling 8/80, Overchannel +3
9 54 126 Biomage Channeling 9/90, BioWarp Punch 3
10 60 140 Biomage Channeling 10/100, Magic Resist 4, +1 Vehicle Move Action

Biomage Channeling X/Y: BioWarp mages can use their own MP to boost the power output of a vehicle equipped with BioWarp controls. The amount of their own MP that they can channel into a vehicle each round is equal to X, and Y is the maximum amount of ship MP this provides. BioWarp Mages are limited in how much MP they can provide by the BioWarp controls, as they are listed with a number that reflects the maximum amount of MP they can channel in a single turn, though a BioWarp mage can spend their extra initiative turns to use this ability again, so long as they spend no more than X of their own MP in a single round. For every 1 MP channeled, the ship's reactor gains 10 MP.

BioWarp Punch +X: Though they lack the finesse needed to cast actual magical spells, BioWarp mages can still do something with their leftover magical energy. A number of times per encounter no higher than the character's defense, they may spend up to 5 MP times X before making an attack with a Punchy weapon that uses the Fist base damage or a kick. For every 5 MP spent on this attack, if it hits, they deal 1 additional die of Personality damage. These dice are added, so spending 15 MP on this ability would deal an additional 3+dPer damage. All of the punch's damage is considered magical in nature, but it is non-elemental.

Overchannel +X: A Biowarp mage may consider any vehicle with biowarp controls to have +X to its biowarp controls rating.

Magic Resist X: Biowarp Mages subtract X from all damage dealt by magic spells or any source powered by mahoutech.

+X Vehicle Fire Action: A BioWarp Mage gains +X actions when piloting a vehicle that may go toward Fire actions.

+X Vehicle Move Action: A BioWarp Mage gains +X actions when piloting a vehicle that may go toward Move actions.