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Biowarp mages function as a living conduit for energy, operating in the vehicle's core like a literal living battery. Through their body, assisted by their suit, they can channel energy into the systems. Training regimens for new Biowarp Mages are known to be rather strict and demanding. Biowarp Mages are known to have an empathic connection with the vehicle itself.

Specialty Magic
Subjects Art, Science, Math, History, Gym
Faction Golden Alliance
Level HP MP Special Abilities
1 6 14 Biomage Channeling 1/10, Magic Resist 1
2 12 28 Biomage Channeling 2/20, Overchannel +1
3 18 42 Biomage Channeling 3/30, BioWarp Punch 1
4 24 56 Biomage Channeling 4/40, Magic Resist 2
5 30 70 Biomage Channeling 5/50, Overchannel +2, +1 Vehicle Fire Action
6 36 84 Biomage Channeling 6/60, BioWarp Punch 2
7 42 98 Biomage Channeling 7/70, Magic Resist 3
8 48 112 Biomage Channeling 8/80, Overchannel +3
9 54 126 Biomage Channeling 9/90, BioWarp Punch 3
10 60 140 Biomage Channeling 10/100, Magic Resist 4, +1 Vehicle Move Action

Biomage Channeling X/Y: BioWarp mages can use their own MP to boost the power output of a vehicle equipped with BioWarp controls. The amount of their own MP that they can channel into a vehicle each round is equal to X, and Y is the maximum amount of ship MP this provides. BioWarp Mages are limited in how much MP they can provide by the BioWarp controls, as they are listed with a number that reflects the maximum amount of MP they can channel in a single turn, though a BioWarp mage can spend their extra initiative turns to use this ability again, so long as they spend no more than X of their own MP in a single round. For every 1 MP channeled, the ship's reactor gains 10 MP.

BioWarp Punch +X: Though they lack the finesse needed to cast actual magical spells, BioWarp mages can still do something with their leftover magical energy. A number of times per encounter no higher than the character's defense, they may spend up to 5 MP times X before making an attack with a Punchy weapon that uses the Fist base damage or a kick. For every 5 MP spent on this attack, if it hits, they deal 1 additional die of Personality damage. These dice are added, so spending 15 MP on this ability would deal an additional 3+dPer damage. All of the punch's damage is considered magical in nature, but it is non-elemental.

Overchannel +X: A Biowarp mage may consider any vehicle with biowarp controls to have +X to its biowarp controls rating.

Magic Resist X: Biowarp Mages subtract X from all damage dealt by magic spells or any source powered by mahoutech.

+X Vehicle Fire Action: A BioWarp Mage gains +X actions when piloting a vehicle that may go toward Fire actions.

+X Vehicle Move Action: A BioWarp Mage gains +X actions when piloting a vehicle that may go toward Move actions.