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Pyrias is a system in the Golden Alliance.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Reactors
Regular Anomalies Fire Magic enhanced x2
Water Magic suppressed x2
Planet(moon) Pyrias IV(a)
Diameter 2,150 mi
Topography Severe geothermal activity
Domed cities
Climate Greenhouse atmosphere
Population 500 Million Mythics
Day Length 138 Hours
Year Length 55 Days


Pyrias IV's first moon is the most habitable object in the Pyrias system, and even then it's only barely able to sustain life. Despite this, its primarily Mythic population has one of the highest standards of living in the galaxy due to the ease with which the moon's factories are able to manufacture various power supplies. Much of the population is also skilled in magic in some form or another, with adolescent young Mythics encouraged to earn early employment as magic channelers or casters who can assist in reactor production. Despite the relative wealth of the moon's inhabitants, boredom comes naturally to the Pyrians, and much of their time is spent eagerly awaiting the next arrival of their designated netcore ships.