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Nilrem is a system in the Golden Alliance.


Faction Golden Alliance
Primary Industries Mineral export
Material fabrication
Regular Anomalies Magic Suppressed x2
Planet Nilrem V
Diameter 5,850 mi
Topography Smooth
Climate standard seasons, cold average
Population 500,000 Humans
Day Length 23 Hours
Year Length 511 Days


Over 500 years ago, gene purists developed bio-weapons to wage war against those they considered impure. Fifty years later, after the war had ended, the genetically diverse people of Nilrem found that their DNA had been severely altered by a number of the bioweapons. Working diligently and picking through the high-technology inventions that had been captured from the purists, the Nilremin people found a solution to their deteriorating genetic code. This involves a process of cloning and neural transferrence to a new body every few years, though thanks to the lingering effects of the purists bio-weapons, Nilremin bodies age in reverse. Nilremin humans are effectively immortal thanks to this technology, but the effects of their aging is accelerated when off-world. Nilremin who are forced to travel take spare "empties" with them to transfer their consciousnesses into. Caches of hidden purist weapons may affect unwitting human travelers, giving them the same genetic issues that must be corrected in the same way.