List of Galactic Factions

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The following is a list of all 7 factions, as well as sub-factions and startups.

Galactic ANarchists (GAN)

A well-maintained anarchistic society in which crimes are kept in check by "Pit Lords", powerful demons which declare themselves masters over a certain crime, dealing severe punishment to any who "Intrude on their territory".

Main Systems: Pharadon, Vezzex

Primary racial makeup: Devilings

Allies: None, is an anarchy.

Enemies: Bureaucracy

Golden Alliance (GA)

The most populous faction in the modern era, stretching across most of the galaxy. They possess a storied history, having colonized most of the galaxy and invented their own BioWarp technology. While not necessarily the first to accomplish most of their feats, they still display them proudly.

Main Systems: Mythar, Terra

Primary racial makeup: Humans, Mythics

Allies: AP

Enemies: None

Angelic Protectorate (AP)

The oldest faction in the modern era. A caste-based system situated in the center of the galaxy. Planets with a high divine populace gain a large pillar of energy known as The Light, from which Divine emerge.

Main Systems: Divina, Valhalla,

Primary racial makeup: Humans, Divine

Allies: GA

Enemies: LEG, GAN

Castaway Treaties Systems (CTS)

A faction made of refugees and ex-slaves owned by the GA and other factions. They campaign for galactic freedom, but their reclaimer fleets grant them a less than charitable reputation.

Main Systems: Illithar, Purraxia

Primary racial makeup: Demi-Humans, Redeemed, Mecha

Allies: LEG, EL

Enemies: None

Watcher Stations (WAT)

Not much is known about the secretive Watchers. Based on information from those that escaped their stations, they make their homes in isolated, oftentimes cloaked space stations, not allowing anyone out or in. Most well-known for keeping a fleet around certain planets, as well as the entire Forbidden Zone, blasting to pieces any who do not heed their warning.

Main Systems: Space Stations. There is no known watcher homeworld.

Primary racial makeup: Watchers

Allies: None

Enemies: None

Legion (LEG)

Once the scourge of the universe, now nothing more than a peaceful group of naturalists, the Legion are a race of plantlike women created in a terraforming accident. Started and ended the Great Legion War, but after their main queen's disappearance, have pulled back into a small corner of the galaxy, where they keep mostly to themselves.

Main Systems: Althea, Violet

Primary racial makeup: Legion

Allies: EL, CTS

Enemies: AP

Elemental League (EL)

The newest major faction in the galaxy, mostly comprised of systems that gave rise to Elementals in one form or another. Said Elementals are the appointed leaders of each planet, but are unable to leave it, instead participating in galactic affairs by proxy. However, most trade is handled by the Consortium.

Main Systems: Duale

Primary racial makeup: Elementals, Shapeshifters, Spirits

Allies: GA, CTS, LEG

Enemies: None

The Consortium

A collection of closely-tied corporations that handle most of what goes on in EL space. Though some believe they're running the entire faction, they're always receptive to the command of the Elementals.

Forbidden Zone (FZ)

Not a faction, but still listed as a large section of space where magic ceases to function. It's almost always patrolled by Watchers, who refuse to let anybody anywhere near it. Nobody who's ever made it past them has returned.

Ardentblade Reformation

A small startup faction lead by the son of Orpheus Ardentblade, seeking to finish what his father started.

Main systems: None

Primary racial makeup: Humans, Mythics

Allies: None

Enemies: CTS, LEG

Independent (No faction)

Nekopotamian Empire

An ancient civilization that once seeded the galaxy with life, but one day mysteriously vanished without a trace. One of the only records of their existence was the frozen DNA of their leader, Princess Kasumi on Illithar.