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This is a list of terms used in the Biowarp Mech Battles game.

Skirmish - A session of BMB in which players control their vehicles on a map to attack each others' vehicles until one player's vehicles are eliminated or one player concedes. A skirmish can be a standalone game or part of another game mode.

Vehicle - A playable object controlled by a player. There are several types of vehicle, including mech, tank, starfighter, and more.

Skirmish Map - A two-dimensional grid of tiles that comprises the stage on which a BMB skirmish is played. Also referred to simply as the map.

Tile - A unit of space on the skirmish map. It is represented with a hexagon that displays color or texture and may have a variety of terrains.

Terrain - A status placed on a tile that may affect any vehicle inhabiting or crossing that tile. A terrain is represented by a letter or arrow, indicating the terrain type, and a number, indicating its potency. A tile can have more than one terrain status. Terrain statuses include elevation (E), hazard (H), cover (C), danger (D), and slide (arrow).

Initiative - A score representing the die the vehicle uses to determine its turn order.

Advance - A score representing the maximum number of tiles a vehicle can move across in one turn. The word is also used to describe the act of moving from one tile to another. If the advance score includes a value in parentheses, that value is the minimum number of advances the vehicle must take on its turn.

Pivot - A score representing the maximum number of times the vehicle can rotate by sixty degrees in one turn.

Range - A score representing the maximum number of tiles the given weapon can reach to attack a target.

Hit - A score representing the roll used to determine whether an attack with the given weapon is successful.

Damage - A score representing the roll used to determine how much damage a given weapon inflicts on a successful attack.

Dodge - A score representing the roll made by a vehicle to determine whether it can avoid an attack.

Armor - A gauge used to represent how much damage a vehicle has sustained. Many vehicles have three sections of armor, colored green, yellow, or red, to represent its damage severity. If the vehicle has taken more damage than its armor gauge can track, it is eliminated.

Damage Level - A measure of how a vehicle's damage affects its performance. The vehicle must use the stats that correspond to its current damage level as indicated by the matching color on the armor gauge.

Weapon - A piece of the vehicle used to attack a targeted object. There are two types of weapon, including Missile, which uses ammo, and Laser, which does not use ammo. A vehicle typically has two inherent weapons as indicated by its stat column, with each weapon associated to the letter A or B.

Ammo - A score representing how may times the weapon can be fired, indicated by a number of missile symbols next to the weapon's Hit score.

Range Increment - A number of tiles a weapon can fire across without a penalty. By default, all weapons have a range increment of 4 tiles. If a vehicle attempts to attack a target at a distance greater than its range increment, it receives a penalty determined by the weapon's type. Every time an attack exceeds the range increment again, the penalty is applied an additional time.

Upgrade - A card that can be attached to a vehicle to improve its performance in exchange for increasing its cost. There are many varieties of upgrade, and the types of upgrade a vehicle can use vary, indicated by its type and slots.

Pilot - An upgrade card representing a character that drives a vehicle. A pilot typically modifies the vehicle's stats and has a special ability. Usually, only a single pilot can be applied to a mech, tank, or starfighter.

Equipment - An upgrade card representing a weapon, piece of hardware, or a software installation that is added to a vehicle. A vehicle must have an appropriate slot to apply a given equipment card. Equipment upgrades include handheld weapons, hardpoints, and system upgrades.